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leslie jackson | creative portfolio


Art Direction

As a seasoned creative visionary, I am dedicated to transforming concepts into captivating visual experiences. With a strong foundation in communications, design, and strategic thinking, I am poised to lead a collaboration with your team and elevate your brand to new heights.

Let's partner to create art that captivates, communicates, leaves a lasting impression, and tells a story that only your organization can.


Copy Writing

Crafting compelling and unique content is my forte. I have an innate ability to transform ideas into persuasive copy that resonates with your target audience. Whether it's an attention-grabbing headline, an engaging social media post, or an inspirational case for support, I have the creativity to make your brand shine. Together, we can elevate your organization's presence and drive exceptional results.


Video Production

I possess a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling. Every frame should serve a purpose, engaging viewers emotionally and intellectually. Whether it's through stunning visuals, compelling narratives, or innovative editing techniques, I'm committed to making your brand stand out. Whether it's increasing brand awareness, boosting engagement, or driving conversions, I'm dedicated to helping your brand achieve its goals through the power of video.

"Leslie is an innovative thinker, an exceptional strategist, and an outstanding communicator. She has an innate ability to envision all elements of an overall communications strategy and then fully execute each of them in a unique way. Leslie’s leadership and collaboration led to our success in securing six, seven, and eight figure gifts."

Jon Roxland, Senior Director of Philanthropy & Partnerships |  Shepherd Center


Atlas Pet Vets

Led clients in crafting and optimizing a thriving business brand, encompassing art direction, logo design, and a comprehensive analysis of marketing and branding materials.

Campaign & Board Relations Manager

Shepherd Center

Leader of a monumental $350+ million comprehensive campaign, propelling the hospital toward realizing its bold vision. Orchestrator and executor of a dynamic board relations strategy, fostering deep alignment among the organization's most influential stakeholders with the mission, goals, and strategic course.

• Craft a visionary strategic plan in collaboration with Foundation leadership, hospital Executive team, and stakeholders
• Drive the public phase of the comprehensive campaign
• Coordinate cross-functional teams for flawless campaign execution
• Secure crucial financial support from donors and nurture relationships
• Manage campaign budgets with precision
• Optimize strategies using data-driven insights
• Achieve 100% board member participation in philanthropy
• Manage board inquiries and materials efficiently
• Orchestrate board meetings and agendas
• Facilitate recruitment and onboarding of new board members
• Author comprehensive training programs for new board members

Campaign Communications Manager

Shepherd Center

Spearheaded and executed the organization's most ambitious campaign communications strategy, resulting in a record-breaking $350 million in contributions through acclaimed content and collateral.

• Orchestrate a multi-phase marketing, communications, and digital strategy for the landmark campaign
• Craft and launch the comprehensive campaign brand and public engagement strategy
• Leverage external communication opportunities for Foundation senior leadership
• Pioneer innovative campaign materials and digital content for donor proposals
• Collaborate with prominent community and corporate partners, including The Marcus Foundation, Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, and more
• Create and manage the campaign website and social media presence, aligning them with the mission and vision
• Design and execute the internal campaign communications plan
• Develop and deliver company-wide employee campaign training programs
• Collaborate with creative consultants and agencies to execute high-impact paid content strategies
• Author impactful grant announcements for digital and print publications
• Cultivate and nurture successful relationships with influential communications outlets
• Vigilantly track campaign media coverage
• Forge collaborative cross-functional partnerships with hospital Marketing, Communications, and Executive teams to drive campaign messaging and fundraising
• Continuously assess campaign communications needs and resource allocation, championing change where necessary
• Deliver compelling campaign updates and training to all boards and campaign leadership

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